Club Committees

  • Membership / Fundraising Committee
    • This committee will help to build membership as well as help with fundraising. With the county ceasing to help with the cost of the repeater, the club has the same expenses with the decrease in funds. The committee will help to manage membership and fundraising events.
  • Equipment / Property Committee
    • In order to maintain property of the Club, the Club previous decided that we should have an equipment committee that would help to manage, dispurse and expose of property within the club. This committee will assist the Treasurer in inventorying all property, as well as any sale of the property.
  • Public Information / Website Committee
    • This committee will help with creating information for the general public, as well as the membership. This committee will help with generating content for the website & newsletter, although the other committees will also create their own. During events, this committee will also assist as the Public Information Officer (PIO), or assist the PIO in demseminating information.
  • Emergency Communications Committee
    • This committee will help the club prepare for disasters and events needed communications. The Mission Statement of the Club states that we will assist the public with emergency communications and in order to do this a committee would prepare the club to manage this endeaver. This committee will help draft emergency plans, liaise with other emergency communications groups as well as create Go Kits for the clubhouse.
  • Radio Sport / HF Committee
    • One of the most enjoyable past times of Ham Radio is the ability to contest and rag chew on the radios. This committee will help prepare events as well as content for the website in regards to contesting or HF.
  • Training / Volunteer Examiner Committee
    • The Saint Cloud Amateur Radio Club holds training classes throughout the year. To maintain our commitment to educating hams, we need members to train current license holders as well as others seeking to get their license. This committee will help to maintain our strong standards on education.
    • Our Club also has a strong Volunteer Examiner team that holds exams throughout the year; to assist them we felt the club should not only recognize them but both assist them with exams as well as bridge the gab between the two sectors.

If you are interested in being on one of the committees please contact one of the members of our Board of Directors. Although this sounds like a lot of work, these committees may meet occasionally to assist the Board.