What are the best guided tours in Wales focusing on the history of Welsh dragons in folklore?

11 June 2024

Wales, a charming corner of the United Kingdom, is steeped in history and folklore, particularly involving dragons. It's no wonder that the dragon is a prominent figure on the nation's flag! For those interested in exploring this intriguing part of Welsh culture, there are several excellent guided tours that focus specifically on the history of Welsh dragons in folklore. These excursions not only delve into the legends and myths surrounding these mythical beasts but also expose you to the splendid views of Wales' rich landscapes. Let's discover these tours!

Dragon Tours Wales

Dragon Tours Wales is a highly recommended tour for exploring the historical and mythological significance of dragons in Welsh culture. This tour provides a comprehensive journey through the scenic landscapes to the places where dragon folklore is rooted.

The tour begins in the ancient city of Aberystwyth, where you learn about the first dragon story set in Dinas Emrys. You'll visit the actual site, where, according to legend, a red and white dragon fought, symbolising the battle between the Welsh and Anglo-Saxons.

Each stop on the tour offers a part of the dragon's story, culminating in a visit to the Welsh Dragon Memorial in Mametz Wood, a poignant reminder of the Welsh soldiers who lost their lives during the First World War. Their bravery and spirit is often compared to that of a dragon in Welsh folklore.

Cambria Tours - Folklore and Fairy tales

If you're looking for a tour that intertwines the history of Welsh dragons with other elements of folklore and fairy tales, then Cambria Tours is an ideal choice. This tour not only brings dragon stories to life but also introduces you to the enchanting world of Welsh myths and legends.

The tour includes a visit to the coastal town of Aberdyfi, known for its legend of a sleeping dragon. Here, you'll explore the labyrinth of caves where the dragon is said to be sleeping, waiting to awaken when Wales is in peril.

You'll also visit the region of Snowdonia, home to numerous dragon tales. Here, the majestic landscape of mountains, lakes, and valleys seems to embody the tales of dragons that you will hear.

Dragon Lore Tours

Dragon Lore Tours offers an exceptional journey through the heart of Wales, focusing on locations linked with dragon folklore. This tour not only tells the stories of dragons but also relates them to the history and culture of Wales.

The journey starts in the capital city, Cardiff, leading you to the historic Cardiff Castle, where dragon stories are etched into the stone walls. The tour then moves onto the Brecon Beacons, where the dragons of Welsh folklore are said to have roamed.

The highlight of the tour is the visit to the town of Llangorse, home to one of the oldest surviving legends of a water dragon. This tale has been passed down through generations, adding a sense of authenticity to the storytelling.

Welsh Dragon Tours - Mythology and Legends

Welsh Dragon Tours offers an in-depth exploration of Welsh dragon mythology and legends. This tour provides a unique perspective, tying the dragon stories to the broader context of Welsh history.

Starting in the north of Wales, in the city of Bangor, the tour takes you to the Isle of Anglesey. Here, you'll visit the ancient druid site of Bryn Celli Ddu, associated with dragon lore.

The tour then moves south, visiting the medieval castles of Harlech and Pembroke, both of which hold their own tales of dragons. The melody of Welsh history and dragon folklore is beautifully woven together in this tour.

The Dragon's Journey - A Welsh Heritage Tour

The Dragon's Journey is a heritage tour, taking you through several historical and archaeological sites linked to dragon lore. This tour takes a somewhat academic approach, delving into the origin of dragon stories and their impact on Welsh culture.

The tour commences in the vibrant city of Swansea, leading you to the Gower Peninsula. Here, you'll learn about the dragon that's said to have protected the area from Viking raiders.

The highlight is the visit to the iconic Pendragon Castle in the Brecon Beacons, where many dragon tales originate. This tour is a feast for those who love history and folklore.

Remember, each of these tours offers unique insights into the rich tapestry of Welsh dragon folklore. It's not merely about the dragons but the history, the culture, and the people that have kept these tales alive. These journeys through time and stunning landscapes will give you a new understanding of Wales, its dragons, and its proud heritage.

The Dragon's Path - Exploring Welsh Folklore

For a more localized approach to the exploration of dragon mythology, consider The Dragon's Path, a tour focused on specific regions known for their dragon-centric folklore. This tour combines the thrill of storytelling with the serene beauty of Wales's countryside.

Your journey begins in the beautiful coastal town of Porthmadog, known for its stunning sea views and dragon folklore. Here, you'll learn about the local legend of the sea dragon that used to terrorize the town's fishermen. It's said that the dragon still roams the depths of Cardigan Bay.

Moving inland, you'll visit the town of Blaenau Ffestiniog, famous for its slate quarries and rich dragon mythology. Here, you'll get to explore the old mining tunnels, where the miners claimed to have heard the roars of dragons echoing in the depths.

Finally, the tour takes you to the Snowdonia National Park, renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty and numerous dragon tales. Here, you'll hear stories of dragons that used to roam the mountains and valleys, adding a sense of mystery and intrigue to the already awe-inspiring landscape.

St. David's Dragon History Tour

St. David's Dragon History Tour provides a unique insight into the historical significance of dragons in Welsh culture, focusing on the life of St. David, the patron saint of Wales, and his connection to dragon mythology.

The tour starts in the city of St. David's, where you'll visit the St. David's Cathedral, a stunning architectural marvel that allegedly houses a dragon relic. You'll hear the story of how St. David once tamed a dragon that was causing chaos in the city.

The next stop is the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, a place of outstanding natural beauty and home to legends of dragons that resided in the area. The spirit of these magnificent beasts seems to hang in the air as you explore the stunning coastal paths.

The tour concludes with a visit to the Dragon's Rock in the Brechfa Forest, where, according to legend, a dragon once came to rest after a battle. The story of the dragon's rest has been passed down through generations, encapsulating the enduring fascination with dragons in Welsh culture.


The history of Welsh dragons in folklore is a fascinating tapestry of tales passed down through centuries, capturing the essence of Wales's cultural identity. Guided tours like Dragon Tours Wales, Cambria Tours, Dragon Lore Tours, Welsh Dragon Tours, The Dragon's Journey, The Dragon's Path, and St. David's Dragon History Tour provide a unique insight into these captivating stories against the backdrop of the country's stunning landscapes.

Each tour unravels the dragon tales in its own unique way, tying them to local history, mythology, and culture. Whether it's the echoes of dragon roars in old mining tunnels, the dragon relics in ancient cathedrals, or the tales of brave dragons protecting the land, these tours offer a glimpse into a world where dragons are not merely mythical beasts but symbols of Welsh bravery, spirit, and heritage.

Wales, with its rich dragon folklore, offers an intriguing journey into the heart of its cultural identity, where dragons reign supreme. As you walk the paths tread by dragons of lore, you'll gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of this enchanting land.

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