What budget accommodations in Cornwall are best for family stays?

11 June 2024

When planning a family holiday, finding the right hotel that aligns with your budget and meets your needs can be a daunting task. Yet, Cornwall, the picturesque South West county of England, offers a myriad of family-friendly budget accommodations that promise comfort, convenience, and fun. From hotels with pools for the kids to those near beaches, from free parking facilities to excellent customer service, the best budget accommodations in Cornwall have something for every family.

The Best Budget Hotels in Cornwall

When it comes to budget hotels in Cornwall, there are several options that stand out. Their affordable prices, combined with a range of amenities and an outstanding location, make them an excellent choice for families looking to stay in Cornwall.

The Cornwall Hotel Spa & Estate is one such option. With rooms starting from just under £100 a night, it offers a mix of traditional and modern English charm. The hotel features an indoor pool, a fantastic restaurant, and a free parking facility, making it perfect for families.

Another excellent budget-friendly option is the Trevornick Holiday Park which boasts high-quality static caravans and Eurotents at very reasonable prices. Located near the beach and offering free parking, it is an ideal choice for families wanting to enjoy Cornwall's natural beauty.

The Premier Inn in Newquay is also an excellent choice. With well-equipped rooms and a friendly staff, it offers great comfort at a good price. The hotel also has a restaurant offering a variety of dishes to suit all tastes.

Family-Friendly Amenities

When booking a hotel for your family stay, it is essential to check the amenities they offer. Many budget hotels in Cornwall offer amenities that cater specifically to families, making your stay more comfortable and convenient.

Hotels like The Cornwall Hotel Spa & Estate provide a pool, perfect for keeping the kids entertained while you relax. Besides, they offer spacious family rooms, which can accommodate larger families without compromising on comfort.

Moreover, some hotels like the Trevornick Holiday Park have special areas for children to play. This is a great way to keep the kids occupied, while parents can enjoy some well-deserved downtime.

Free parking is an amenity that should not be overlooked. Hotels such as the Premier Inn offer ample parking spaces, ensuring your family vehicle is safely parked, without the additional cost.

Location, Location, Location

The location of your hotel is crucial when planning a family stay in Cornwall. Ideally, you want to be in close proximity to the main attractions, but also have easy access to the beach or countryside for those family outings.

The Cornwall Hotel Spa & Estate is conveniently located near some of Cornwall's top attractions like the Eden Project and the Lost Gardens of Heligan. Moreover, the hotel is set in a tranquil estate, offering a peaceful retreat after a busy day of sightseeing.

Trevornick Holiday Park is just a short walk away from Holywell Bay Beach, one of Cornwall's most beautiful beaches. With its golden sands and impressive dunes, it is a paradise for kids and adults alike.

The Premier Inn in Newquay is centrally located, providing easy access to the town's key attractions. The hotel is also just a short drive from the famous Fistral Beach, making it a great base for beach-loving families.

Booking Your Stay

Once you've found the perfect hotel for your family, it's time to make a booking. While it may seem straightforward, there are a few tips that can help you secure the best deal and make the process stress-free.

Always book in advance. This not only ensures you secure a room but can also save you money as many hotels offer early bird discounts. Make sure to check the hotel's cancellation policy. Many offer free cancellation, which can be beneficial if your plans change.

Finally, don't forget to inform the hotel that you will be arriving with children. They may be able to offer you a family room or provide additional beds at a minimal cost.

Dining at Your Hotel

Dining at the hotel's restaurant can be a convenient option, especially after a long day of exploring. Many budget hotels in Cornwall have excellent restaurants that cater to all dietary needs.

The restaurant at The Cornwall Hotel Spa & Estate offers a diverse menu, featuring locally sourced ingredients. The children's menu ensures the little ones' tastes are catered for as well.

Should you stay at Trevornick Holiday Park, you can enjoy a home-cooked meal in your caravan or tent or choose to eat out at one of the several food outlets on site.

The Premier Inn in Newquay also offers a good selection of meals at its restaurant, ensuring you and your family can enjoy a satisfying meal without having to venture too far from your room.

In summary, Cornwall offers a range of budget accommodations for families. By considering the price, amenities, location, and dining options, you can find a hotel that is not only affordable but also ensures a memorable and comfortable stay.

Exploring the Surroundings

Staying at a budget-friendly hotel in Cornwall doesn't necessarily mean you'll be compromising on the holiday experience. Often, the location of these hotels is key to offering you the best of Cornwall at a reasonable price.

The Cornwall Hotel Spa & Estate is a prime example of this. It is not only a comfortable place to stay but its proximity to top attractions like the Eden Project and the Lost Gardens of Heligan makes it an ideal base for exploring. Similarly, Trevornick Holiday Park is just a stone's throw away from Holywell Bay Beach, allowing you to enjoy the stunning coastline without having to travel far.

For those who prefer a more urban experience, the Premier Inn in Newquay is a brilliant choice. Its central location gives you access to a bustling town with a great selection of shops, cafes, and restaurants. You can also easily venture to Fistral Beach, renowned for its surf crowd and breathtaking views.

Remember to check availability for these hotels in advance and view book details on their respective websites or through trusted booking platforms. Also, map reviews of the area around your chosen hotel can help you plan out your itinerary and discover local gems.

Ensuring Comfort and Ease

The best budget accommodations in Cornwall go the extra mile to ensure you have a comfortable and hassle-free stay. Free WiFi, parking facilities, and family-friendly amenities are a given at the top budget hotels in Cornwall.

At The Cornwall Hotel Spa & Estate, you'll find not only a pool and a fantastic restaurant but also free WiFi and parking facilities, contributing to a stress-free holiday. Trevornick Holiday Park offers a similar range of amenities, with the addition of a unique camping experience, complete with static caravans and Eurotents.

The Premier Inn in Newquay is well-equipped to cater to all your family's needs. From a friendly staff and well-furnished rooms to free WiFi and ample parking, it ensures your stay is as smooth as possible.


Finding the right hotel for your family's stay in Cornwall doesn't have to be a daunting task. Whether you're looking for a hotel with a pool, free parking, or one that's near the beach, Cornwall has plenty of budget accommodations that tick all the boxes.

By considering the essential factors as discussed above - price, amenities, location, and dining options - and making your booking in advance, you can ensure a memorable stay without stretching your budget.

Remember to check availability, view book details, and read up on map reviews before making a decision. Comfortable accommodations at a reasonable price per night, top-notch amenities including free WiFi, and an ideal location are all within reach at the best budget hotels in Cornwall.

Whether you choose to stay at the tranquil The Cornwall Hotel Spa & Estate, the beach adjacent Trevornick Holiday Park, or the centrally located Premier Inn in Newquay, rest assured that you're in for a wonderful holiday experience in Cornwall.

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